Lindsay Sukornyk

Episode 222


Expanding The Height & Depth Of What It Is To Be Alive

“When I think about creativity, I don’t think about myself as a creator, I think about myself as the vessel for creation.”

Lindsay Sukornyk is a bubble of energy. She’s an infectious soul with a massive personality and an even bigger zest for life. It’s impossible to not feel differently after a conversation with her – so get ready to feel uplifted, energized, and vibrantly inspired. 

Lindsay is a TEDx speaker, transformational leadership coach for game changers, blogger at the HuffPost, and mama of 4. She’s the founder of Alive + Awake, where she guides leaders to a place of recharge, reset, and relaunch. Thanks to this path, Lindsay’s clients can discover and share their authentic selves to reach their peak potential and performance. This is because they find their edge, clear out their vessel, and learn to lead with a clear purpose, vision, and values. 

In this delicious conversation, Lindsay and I explore how creativity is a gateway to clearing out our connection to source so we can listen to the whispers of the universe and live life in alignment.

I resonated deeply with many of the stories shared. We go deep into the limitations of perfectionism and how a desire for high-performance can chip away at our natural flow. 

We also talked deeply about the spiritual path through life and what it takes to follow the callings of your soul and trust that everything’s happening for you. 

Tune in now to hear us discuss: 

  • The spiral of healing, growth, and evolution. 
  • Navigating life through the lens of curiosity. 
  • Letting go of the fear of being judged. 
  • It’s all made up!
  • Understanding how we’re imprinted. 
  • What’s behind the desire to fix someone else. 
  • Overcoming perfectionism. It’s OK to be average. 
  • How to liberate yourself from high-performance addiction. 
  • Navigating the fear of our mortality. 
  • Redefining what it means to live at the edge. 
  • And more…

If you’re looking for a shot of energy and a conversation about what it takes to navigate the crucible moments to live an exceptional life, then this is the episode for you.