Raj Jana

Episode 221


The Journey To Full Body Leadership

“It’s a new experience of learning to live with my full body and accessing intuition and connecting with truths that are present inside my body and my whole soul, my everything.” 

February was a month of potent growth for me. As I explore my emotional triggers to lean deeper into my healing journey, I’ve been able to integrate aspects of my shadow and expand my knowing of who I am. 

Looking back, February was about subconsciously living through the lens of full-body leadership. 

This looked like making decisions and moving through life with my whole body – not just my mind. It meant leveraging the wisdom of the heart, soul, gut, and sacrum in addition to my intellect. This shift in being has felt so powerful. 

Experiencing a full-body life has exposed me to expanded realities where everything is magnified and on fire. I’m excited to share these experiences with you in this week’s reflection episode. 

As usual, your old friend Georgina is here to hold space for us as we navigate all the highs and lows of what was a powerful month. 

Tune in to hear us explore:

  • Full body leadership and accessing the wisdom of all of you. 
  • Sparking growth through the quest for expansion.
  • Healing the entitled victim.  
  • An example of how your childhood experiences drive your adult beliefs and mindsets.
  • Understanding where you’re the common denominator in your triggers. 
  • What does it take to be radically honest with your truth so you can heal? 
  • How self-soothing can heal the inner child. 
  • Everything is happening for me. 
  • Healing through dreams. 
  • And more…

Full body leadership inspires all areas of your life – your relationships, business, the pursuit of art and more. Through this leadership approach, you create an opportunity to access the infinite wisdom that is ALL of you. In turn, you can expand, grow, and lean into the deepest levels of impact and fulfillment. 

I’m excited to share more about this principle in this week’s powerful reflection episode.