Rob Sirstins

Episode 220


Learning To Befriend The Ego

“Our ego was created to protect us. It comes up as a protection mechanism.”

Part of our journey through life is to learn to navigate and work with the ego. The ego is a powerful force that can keep us trapped in a victim mindset, unconscious ways of being, and stories and narratives that aren’t conducive to the way we want to live. As a result, it’s tempting to try to ‘kill’ the ego. 

But what if a more powerful path is to learn how to befriend it.

In this episode, I’m talking with Rob Sirstins. Rob is a coach and teacher who helps people find their warriors within so they can change the narrative in their own heads and get on the path of their fullest potential. He’s also a published author whose latest book Ego of The Warrior, empowers people to partner with their ego instead of trying to fight it. 

I read the book, it greatly impacted my life, and I’m pumped that you can now tap into Rob’s brilliance through this episode.  

I’ve known Rob for a number of years now. He’s a dear friend and we attend many of the same healing communities together. Rob inspires me because he’s so deeply committed to the work. He’s someone who took his healing journey into his own hands – despite the challenges he’s faced. 

He was abandoned as a child, he experienced racism and a rock bottom that almost drove him to take his own life. His courage to discover who he really is created a space where the past no longer controlled his future. Today, Rob is a fierce leader who empowers others to claim their fullest potential. 

Tune into this episode to hear Rob and I explore: 

  • Understanding the origin of the victim mindset. 
  • Why our egos keep us trapped in disempowering realities. 
  • Finding an awareness that dismantles the victim mentality. 
  • The power of having people call you out on the things you can’t see.
  • Why self-love is a fundamental aspect of dismantling the victim. 
  • Why your identity fears self-forgiveness. 
  • Developing tools to navigate your ego. 
  • Asking for help. 
  • And more…

Tune in now to discover some practical tips and suggestions – inspired by Rob’s personal experiences – that will help you dismantle your victim mindset and learn to befriend your ego.