Stuart Sovatsky

Episode 219


Integrating Tantra Into Daily Life

Consciousness doesn’t let wonderful things be marginalized.

The energy of intimacy is a powerful way to connect deeper with life. In turn, a quest for intimacy can transform your relationship with everything including yourself, your partner, your work, and the world. 

I met this episode’s guest at a retreat for people seeking greater levels of intimacy with themselves and their significant others. Stuart Sovatsky was a guest speaker and he blew my mind. When he spoke, EVERYONE listened to his every word. 

Stuart’s career has spanned over 4 decades. His experience and wisdom in the relationship, intimacy, and erotic art space make me want to bow. He’s been a marriage counselor for 44 years and was the first choice to co-direct Ram Dass’s prison ashram and the first in the US to bring yoga to incarcerated youth and the homeless mentally ill in the 1970s. He’s served at the office of the Dalai Lama and has taught spiritual practices and modalities across the world. He’s the author of multiple books including Advanced Spiritual Intimacy and Words From The Soul. He’s practiced kundalini yoga for 24 years and is the director of two psychotherapy clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area. He teaches at JFK University and the California Institute of Integral Studies. 

The way Stuart moves through life is so inspiring because he instills the concept of devotion and tantra at the core of everything. Stuart meets every person and treats every experience as if God is inside, which means his appreciation and reverence for life is far beyond what most people know is possible. 

In this episode, Stuart and I explore: 

  • What is devotional love?
  • Tackling polarity with shared human experiences. 
  • The intense power of eye gazing as a devotional practice. 
  • Defining tantra.
  • The simplest secret for letting love in. 
  • Balancing emotions through alternate nostril breathing.
  • Experiencing the power of reverence. 
  • Stay grounded by appreciating yourself. 

Tune in for a beautiful conversation about cultivating a profound reverence for life. It’s time to discover the power of finding a level of depth and potency in the everyday moments.