Juanique Roney

Episode 218


Finding Rainbows In the Depths Of Grief

“Your shadow work, your mindset, those subconscious programs, is what governs everything in your body. It’s the control center. It’s the thermostat to the house.”

Shadow work is a huge focus in my life right now and I’m excited to share more in the podcast. In these shadow-themed episodes, I’m bringing on people to talk about their experiences of different shadow emotions. 

In this episode, Juanique Roney (aka @gutsy_mom) shares her experience with grief. 

Juanique is a soul sister to me and one of the most inspiring and powerful women I’ve ever met. She’s had a traumatic five years after her husband Tristin was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2017. He died last July. They had two young children.

The way Juanique chose to navigate loss, death, and grief is one of the most powerful and inspirational things I’ve ever witnessed. 

She chose to grieve for her husband before he died by willingly diving into her fears, pain, and loss. Her strength is breathtaking. Somehow, she was able to alchemize her pain into a new kind of love for Tristan. One that’s empowered their children to write a story about loss that’s unconventional and beautiful. 

As well as supporting her kids, Juanique’s journey through grief has allowed her to serve her thriving community in the most beautiful way. As the gutsy_mom, Juanique shows people how to lean into their bodies so they can live their healthiest, most vibrant lives. Through her wellness clinic, she teaches people to be their own self-healing superheroes. 

Tune into this episode to hear Juanique’s story and more…  

  • Inspiring the courage to dive into the pain of shadow work. 
  • How desperation empowered Janique to heal her stress. 
  • Softening the walls around your heart. 
  • Admitting the things that you’re afraid to admit. 
  • The difference between transactional and unconditional love. 
  • Breaking down your heart walls. 
  • Tackling the global shadow. 
  • Empathogens. Manifesting medicines that help people do true healing. 
  • Addiction as a tool to push down, self-soothe, and numb out the shadow. 
  • How the fear of changing your life stops you from changing. 
  • Setting boundaries and navigating the response.
  • How Juanique’s kids have experienced life after their dad’s death. 
  • The meaning of rainbows. 
  • And more…

Shadow work is confronting and painful. But if you allow yourself to sink in, you experience the flip side of healing, love, and freedom. 

Juanique’s story is a beautiful example of finding beauty in pain. Tune in now and you’ll see that there are rainbows inside of grief.