Raj Jana

Episode 217


The Art Of Dancing With Your Shadow

“When we choose to go into the darkest aspects of ourselves, change is exponential.”

For me, the first month of 2022 (really the last 5 months) has been infused with shadow work. I want to emphasize that I’ve been fully supported through my journey with mentors and coaches. Shadow work is deep and can be very uncomfortable. It pulls you through emotions and memories that can be hard to hold (which is why I always recommend you do this work with the right support).  

Shadow work has sparked exponential shifts for me, but it’s been confronting. This work sits at the intersection of tension, conflict, and resistance. It requires you to step into the discomfort and explore the darker side of your psyche. Where you feel entitled. Where you switch on victim mode. Where you’re attached to egoic beliefs about yourself. 

Shadow work is a practice to feel feelings you don’t want to feel. You cycle through pain and triggers. 

But when you surrender to the pain, confusion, and chaos into love, a new edge appears. It’s the edge of infinite potential.

And it’s at this edge that your quality of life expands exponentially.

The personal development world is very comfortable embracing modalities that spark an upward spiral. But if you never explore the darker aspects of self, you hit a glass ceiling that you can’t breakthrough. 

Shadow work explores the downward vortex, which is just as valuable and often unexplored. It’s the inner work I believe society needs to do – especially as we feel resistance to doing so (assuming we have the right support). 

Here’s an overview of what we explore in this important episode. 

  • Creating a depth of insight from a mundane activity. 
  • Why nuance is key as your healing journey unfolds.
  • Redefining what it means to stay grounded. 
  • The problem with spiral up positivity for our personal growth and healing. 
  • Why relationships are powerful containers for growth. 
  • Exploring the shadow side of overnight success. 
  • Leveraging radical honesty as a gateway into shadow work. 
  • The importance of learning how to communicate. 
  • And more…

I’m pumped to share these experiences with you in this January reflection episode. As usual, your old friend Georgina is here to guide our conversation. Tune in, enjoy, and get a sense of the depth of transformation that’s available when you choose to dance in the dark.