Jason Ayers

Episode 216


Redefining Anger As An Appropriate Emotion

“I don’t think I’ve found any greater amount of growth than I’ve found as a result of choosing to look into the shadow.”

Do you have emotions that you struggle to feel? Is there a dark shadow to your character that you’re reluctant to explore? Have you noticed an undercurrent of anger, shame, or guilt that bubbles to the surface every now and again? 

If so, you’re human. 

Most of us struggle to navigate and hold emotions associated with our shadow. As a society, we’ve labeled feelings such as rage or grief ‘bad’ and as such, we’re reluctant to feel them. 

The shadow can feel like a scary place to go. But when you have the courage to look inside, you tap into the most profound opportunity to release, heal, and step into a more authentic version of who you are. 

In this episode, I’m talking with the founder of Visionary Alignment, Jason Ayers. As an executive coach, Jason is gifted at guiding entrepreneurs to navigate their darker emotions to find more authenticity. His ability to hold people in their darkness continues to blow me away. It’s a reflection of who he is as a man, a husband, father, and business owner. He’s done the work (and continues to do so) and is a role model for others willing to step into the abyss. 

In this episode, Jason shares the story of how he reclaimed himself through an acknowledgment of anger. As a society, we label anger as bad, but like every emotion, it has utility. For Jason, anger was a form of protection that was concealing much deeper feelings of isolation, hurt, and powerlessness from a childhood experience. 

We also explore…

  • Why we are so afraid of our shadow.
  • Alchemizing feelings of resentment into compassion. 
  • Redefining anger. 
  • The difference between shame and guilt.
  • What we can learn from the root of Jason’s anger.  
  • Why forgiveness can become a form of spiritual bypassing. 
  • How shadow work elevates self-awareness. 
  • Discovering the gold that lies inside the hard stuff. 
  • Inviting compassion by asking for help. 
  • And more…

Developing the capacity to navigate and alchemize ALL our feelings is central to becoming grounded, centered, whole humans. 

Jason’s work and story are here to inspire you to feel into your shadow – so that you can ultimately set yourself free. I’m excited to see what this conversation opens up for you.