Rian Doris

Episode 215


The Decision Making Sweet Spot

“Good CEOs think their feelings play a role, great CEOs know their feelings drive the ship or drive the bus.”

How do you make exceptional decisions? Can you leverage fascination to find your flow? What steps will ignite your mind and intuition to spark creative problem-solving? 

This episode’s guest is Rian Doris – the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at The Flow Research Collective. Partnering with Steven Kotler (the author of one of my favorite books on flow – Stealing Fire), this potent research and training organization is driven to understand the science behind ultimate human performance so people can walk through life as the very best version of themselves.

Rian’s soul-deep commitment to leadership development as a long-term field of focus has planted him in countless experiences where he’s been able to sharpen his understanding of this crucial field of human evolution. After a near-fatal head injury when he was just 13, Rian experienced “post-head injury malaise”, which hampered his teens with chronic fatigue, amnesia, and depression. As a result, he was forced to give up sports and instead focus on academia and entrepreneurship. 

What followed is a multi-faceted career that put Rian shoulder-to-shoulder with best-selling authors, pioneering neuropsychiatrists, and world experts in peak performance. As a result, Rian developed a rich understanding of what makes people show up as their best. 

Tune into this episode to hear Rian and I explore: 

  1. What role do curiosity, fascination, awe, and wonder play in creating a fulfilling life. 
  2. How to stop fear overriding your intrinsic motivation.
  3. Why apathy is a bigger danger than fear. 
  4. How task orientation drastically enhances performance in sport. 
  5. What’s on the spectrum of decision-making. 
  6. The difference between type 1 and type 2 decisions. 
  7. The power of stepping away before making a decision.
  8. The role of surrender when solving problems. 
  9. Feelings as powerful data points in the decision-making process. 
  10. And more…

The human capacity is exponential. The question is, are we equipping and nurturing ourselves to perform at our peak – or are we squandering the inherent skill sets and talents that allow us to perform in a peak, optimal way? 

This episode exposes our options for making exceptional decisions and creatively solving problems. Rian is incredible in conversation, super smart (he graduated top of his class in Philosophy at Trinity) and engaging, this episode is here to show you how you can leverage the potency of flow to perform at your peak. 

Check it out.