Makhosi Candiss Pitts

Makhosi Hefisah Nejeser

Episode 213


Focus On Who You Have To BE - Not What You Have To DO

I actually don’t want to try to be divine. I want to try to be as human as possible.

Welcome to the first interview of 2022! Traditionally, this time of year is potent for goal setting because January represents a fresh start. 

In the past, I’ve been used to set clearly defined goals and I’ve had a lot of success with the process. However, as I feel more deeply into a more holistic way of creation, I’m discovering new ways to spark growth and evolution. 

In this episode, my good friend Makhosi and I explore why the richest and fulfilling life starts with YOU. We discuss the different energetics that you can weave into the way you create your life – opening a gateway for Euphoric Evolution. 

This episode is a doozy and I’m so excited for you to dive in and kick-start your 2022 with the ideas and concepts we present.  

Makhosi is a powerhouse with one of the strongest energetic presences I’ve ever experienced. 

Better known as The Royal Shaman, Makhosi is a divine oracle for Elite Empire Builders, an illustrious priestess of epic abundance, advisor to new kings and queens, breaker of paradigms, and a mystic of life beyond accomplishment. 

In this episode, Makhosi and I explore: 

  • Why your beingness can help you achieve bigger goals. 
  • What happens when you take the timeline away from goal setting. 
  • Creating goals from a place of how you want to FEEL. 
  • The power of calibrating to an aspirational version of you. 
  • Using senses intentionally to shift your mood. 
  • Why who you are is most evident when people aren’t around you. 
  • Secrets of branding yourself. 
  • The key to the creative process. 
  • Strategies for bringing more depth to your human experience. 
  • And more…

If you’re curious to start the new year in an elevated, evolved way then this episode is for you. Tap into Makhosi’s energetic presence and allow yourself to be inspired by a life beyond expectation, settling, and societal definitions of success.