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Raj Jana

Episode 212


2021 Reflection: Death Rituals, Falling in Love, and Learning To Live An Inspired Life

“I knew what I wanted, and I was so afraid that I wasn’t going to get it. But when I let myself surrender and just felt the disappointment of not getting it, I ended up getting it.”

This first episode for 2022 has been an entire year in the making. Welcome to my 2021 reflection – a culmination of hours of intentional reflection to extract and share the lessons and insights that life has been teaching me.

Tune in to hear a deep-dive account of all my highs and lows and discover how these experiences led to a lot of healing, growth, feeling, expansion, and love.

This is one of my favorite episodes to record and a tangible representation of my commitment to living a lifestyle of awareness. I hope this episode inspires you to create your own 2021 reflection. If you want to understand my process for creating this reflection, you’ll want to check out last week’s episode (#211), where I reveal all my secrets!

As usual, my dear friend Georgina El Morshdy is here to hold space and guide us as we navigate this conversation into all the events, challenges, celebrations, and inspirations that made my 2021 a year I’ll never forget.

Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll hear us discuss:

  • How my breaking open earlier in the year invited deep connection.
  • The lesson of living an inspired life rather than hustling to be an inspiration.
  • The joy of finding a deeper sense of self.
  • Learning to trust that everything is happening FOR you.
  • The secret to getting what you really want.
  • What I learned about cultivating energetically sound endings.
  • What are we robbing ourselves from by keeping one pinky on the shore?
  • The role symbology played in my year.
  • What I learned about crafting a lifestyle of awareness.
  • Why does the universe love us so much?
  • How I stayed grounded in 2021.
  • And more!

I’m so grateful for the man I’ve become thanks to the life I’ve been blessed to live in 2021. It’s been a spectrum of highs and lows. I’ve experienced some of my biggest challenges, but in the process, I was able to feel a depth of love and connection that I’ve never been able to touch before.

If this reflection inspired something in you, please let me know. Share your takeaways on Instagram or DM me. I love hearing from the Stay Grounded community. I’m so grateful you’re a part of it.