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Raj Jana

Episode 208


How I Optimize My Personal & Spiritual Growth

Growth, to me, is a self-defined concept because the hardest thing for you might not be the hardest thing for me.

One of my favorite rituals is the deep-dive reflection I do monthly. I love looking back over everything that happened to pull out the patterns, lessons, and learnings. Best of all, I get to share the highlights with you in this episode.

The theme of this month was finding and navigating my edges – the point of tension where growth can skyrocket. My new personal trainer ignited this thread after helping me become aware of an unexpected growth opportunity within my body. That awareness spilled into other areas of my life, creating beautiful opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. 

This month taught me the power of building a relationship with my edges. Every edge is a catalyst for expansion. When we cultivate the capacity to feel safe inside tension, our true depth and potential cracks open. As a result, this month has seen an elevation in everything from my health to my businesses to my relationships. 

As usual, my dear friend Georgina El Morshdy is here to hold space and guide us as we navigate this conversation about playing inside tension, igniting the curiosity to explore expansion, and having the courage to stretch yourself outside of what feels comfortable. 

Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll hear us discuss: 

  • How my new personal trainer opened a gateway to finding new limits to explore. 
  • How you can feel when you’re at your edge. 
  • There’s always a new limit to find – in every area of your life. 
  • Why the concept of personal limits can help us escape comparison culture. 
  • My new understanding of energy and the role it plays in my life.
  • Learning to connect with how I want to feel, not what I want. 
  • And more…

We all have different edges where growth can happen – because we’re all experiencing unique journeys through this dance of life. Our edges are an invitation. An opportunity to explore what’s beyond the sense of self we believe we can hold. As a result, the courage to dance with your personal edges can empower you to optimize your personal and spiritual growth. 

Tune in to hear the whole story in this month’s reflection episode.