Raj Jana and Gina Worful

Episode 207


How To Be Grateful When You're Not Feeling It

I think we can use our challenges or our pains to go into gratitude with that lens of like, “How can I be grateful for it?”.

This week’s episode is the recording of an impromptu conversation between me and my sweetheart – the incredible Gina Worful. Here’s the backstory… It was Thanksgiving morning and Gina and I got talking about all the things we’re grateful for. We went deep; remembering all the people, opportunities, and synchronicities that have shown up for us. As we reflected together, some deep insights bubbled up and we realized that we wanted to share them with you. 

This episode is the product of that decision. I hope you enjoy it. 

A brilliant dietician, Gina is exceptionally gifted at bringing spiritual concepts back to the body – so we can experience who we are on a physical level more deeply.  In her work, Gina helps people connect to their bodies through food and I really appreciated how this angle showed up in this conversation. 

Here’s what else we discussed: 

  1. The power of listening to life’s nudges to change. 
  2. How the death of Raj’s mentor inspired him to change his life.
  3. Why do we allow our health to get off track?
  4. What stops us from listening to instincts & intuition. 
  5. Why anxiety shows up. 
  6. How it feels to connect with yourself. 
  7. Gina’s story of feeling gratitude for the moment when her life fell apart. 
  8. The power of using fear to identify your edges. 
  9. Why gratitude is like prayer. 
  10. How food cravings are whispers that something needs to change. 
  11. Leaning into the wisdom of the body. 
  12. And more…

It’s easy to be grateful for all the good things in your life and it doesn’t take much to show appreciation when life is on the up. But can you stay in a place of gratitude when you’re going through the worst struggles? 

One of the biggest takeaways for me was leaning into the power of feeling gratitude for the pain – knowing that there’s a learning or a hidden gift waiting to be discovered somewhere. 

I loved this episode because it helped me uncover insights about gratitude I’ve never discussed before. I’m grateful this conversation allowed me to uncover them. I hope you enjoy this conversation too.