Dominick Quartuccio

Episode 203


When Life Gives You No Choice But To Surrender

This past year has been a masterclass in surrender.

How would you navigate your way through an experience where you lost your core business overnight?

Earlier this year, Dom Quarticcio accidentally sent an email about porn he’d written for his men’s group to his corporate clients. 

That email made his reputation toxic to the point that all his contracts were canceled and deposits were pulled from his bank account. 

During a sacred plant ceremony, Dom asked his soul the question. “What the f*ck just happened?” 

The answer was clear, powerful, and specific…. “Hey, dude, you said you were really serious about helping 10 million men get on this path. You’re straddling the fence and now you have no other choice. And you’re welcome.”

What happened next is a powerful story of what’s possible when you surrender to the wisdom of your soul and the calling of your heart. 

Dominick Quartuccio is the founder of The Great Man Mastermind, a series of masterminds for men who are ready to stop lone-wolfing their lives. 

Dom co-hosts The Great Man Within Podcast and is an international keynote speaker on topics centering men’s personal development, such as high-performance habits, designing a purpose-driven life, and why men need community. He is also the author of two books: Design Your Future and On Purpose Leadership. His work has been featured in the New York Times, on NPR, and the TEDx stage.

In this episode, Dom and I explore:

  1. Learning to surrender so you can co-create with the universe. 
  2. What happened when Dom sent an email about porn to the wrong list. 
  3. How Dom navigates the dance between fear and freedom. 
  4. Learning to trust there’s a bigger plan that the universe can see. 
  5. Dom’s experience with Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.
  6. The power of clearing your mind through ‘Morning pages”.
  7. COVID as the great accelerator. 
  8. Getting to the source of what you want to feel. 
  9. Creating safety to allow emotions to be explored. 
  10. The boardroom of emotions & the four steps to emotional fluency.
  11. And more…

Dom is always so candid about his journey and his experiences. His vulnerability and openness clear the path for others to dive deeper into themselves so they can surrender to what is. 

This conversation is a beautiful reminder of the power of surrender. I hope it inspires you to trust that the universe will cv-create with you to achieve your dreams.