Ashley Gonor

Episode 201


Raising Confident, Compassionate, Courageous Kids

We don’t give kids enough credit for how brilliant they are and how they really do learn from observing the world.

The pandemic has been tough for kids. With routines disrupted, the pressure of homeschooling, and the difficulties that arise from navigating a new way of living, thousands of young people are learning to process different emotions and overcome different challenges.

It has not been easy. 

But for some, this journey has been a catalyst for personal growth and development. Thanks to the increasing availability of online resources and social media conversations, more children are learning life skills such as gratitude, intention-setting, how to navigate their triggers, and how to listen to and trust their intuition. 

In turn, they’re discovering how to feel empowered in their lives – regardless of the external circumstances that they face.

This week’s guest – Ashley Gonor – is passionate about empowering children to cultivate confidence and self-awareness. As a coach, Ashley teaches children, teens, and young adults to create a mindset that empowers them to live their best life. With the help of her 6-Step Magical Formula, Ashley has transformed the lives of countless young people – equipping them to feel grounded in the truth of who they are. 

In this week’s episode, Ashley shares some of the mindsets and practices that she’s used with her clients and her own children to help them thrive. 

Key takeaways:

  1. The power of morning routines for kids. 
  2. Intention setting for children. 
  3. Cultivating the faith that things will happen in the right timing. 
  4. Learning to trust the voice of intuition. 
  5. Leveraging core values to make good decisions. 
  6. Inspiring parents to invest in personal development work. 
  7. Tips for navigating triggers and seeing the mirrors around us.
  8. Empowering children to navigate their own triggers. 
  9. And more…

It’s more important than ever to equip the next generation with the skills and attributes they need to lead humanity into our next wave of evolution. Ashley’s teachings and insights provide some potent ideas to help other parents equip their children for success. 

Check it out…