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Raj Jana

Episode 200


Learning How To Be Intimate With Life

“If we could all just remember that every single person on this planet is seeking the same level of intimacy, the whole world would change.”

As we kick-start Q4, I’m excited to bring the first ¾ of 2021 to a close with this powerful reflective conversation. This one is even more poignant for me because it’s episode #200 so I’m also holding space to acknowledge and appreciate the journey that got me here and all the incredible people I’ve interviewed and connected with along the way. Thank you. 

September was a big month for me. I had some of the most painful growth experiences, and I’m so grateful for the opportunities that empowered me to transcend into deeper levels of intimacy with myself, my interpersonal relationships, and with life. 

All this happened inside an increasingly divisive and chaotic world where we’re being called to find our true voice while navigating the shifting sands of society. 

As usual, my dear friend Georgina El Morshdy is here to hold space, provide reflections, and help us navigate this important conversation about sovereignty, intimacy, and living authentically with your true self. 

Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll hear us discuss: 

  1. How it feels to record the 200th episode of Stay Grounded. 
  2. The important difference between sexuality and intimacy. 
  3. The experience of moving beyond the honeymoon phase in my relationship. 
  4. Using your interpersonal relationships to find and heal core wounds.
  5. How a practice of awareness expands everything.
  6. Finding sovereignty inside of external chaos and uncertainty. 
  7. Allowing your body to alchemize what you’re feeling. 
  8. Finding your voice in a world of chaos. 
  9. Purpose is not what you do, it’s who you are
  10. Leveraging death cycles to heal and grow. 
  11. And more…

These monthly reflections are always an anchor for me because I get to practice being seen in even bigger ways. 

I hold little back in these episodes because I want to give you an intimate glimpse into the rich benefits that emerge from diving deep into self-growth and personal development. I’m passionate about the power and healing potential of self-awareness and by showing you how these energies inspire and empower my life, I hope they open up something deeper for you too. 

Thanks for being part of this incredible community. Here’s to the next 200 conversations.