Andy Drish

Episode 197


How To Build Relationships That Last For A Lifetime

“You can be with one person for a lifetime, but within that lifetime, you will have many different relationships with many different contexts throughout that time period.”

Because we’re not taught how to craft them, most people are ill-equipped to cultivate great relationships. Most modern relationships don’t model the Disney fairytale fantasy! Instead, we get stuck on codependency and disappointment – leading to relationship deaths, unfulfillment, and painful break-ups. 

It doesn’t have to be this way…

If we learn how to create interdependence from a place of individual sovereignty, a relationship can remain satisfying for a lifetime. 

If you want your relationship to constantly grow, deepen, and last for a lifetime, there’s no better teacher than Andy Drish. Andy is one of the few people I trust to help me navigate the art of intimacy and being in a lasting relationship. I turned to Andy after my break-up and over the past year, he’s been instrumental in the level of connection I feel with my new partner. I can’t wait for you to tap into his wisdom in this week’s brilliant episode. 

Andy Drish is a shaman, serial, entrepreneur, leader, relationship expert, and the creator of The Art of Love brand. Andy also has one of the most beautiful relationships I’ve ever had the privilege to observe and learn from. Together, Andy and Libby have created a powerful container that they lean into to help them grow. 

In this episode, Andy dives into EVERYTHING that it takes to build a relationship for a lifetime including:

  1. Why are people resistant to leaning into endings? 
  2. How do you know when to end a relationship and when to navigate into a new space. 
  3. What happened when Andy’s partner dated another guy for a week. 
  4. What shifts when you tap into your feelings instead of your mind. 
  5. Reinventing yourself after you hit a peak. 
  6. Eliminating fear as a fuel source. 
  7. Understanding the four stages of a relationship and how to move through them. 
  8. And more…

As we step into new ways of being collective, we also need to redefine how we behave and show up inside of our closest relationships. 

In this episode, Andy shares profound wisdom and insights that have the potential to evolve your relationship – whether you’ve been together for years or you’re just starting out. 

If you want to build a relationship where the love can last a lifetime, this is one episode you’ll want to check out.