Jayson Gaddis

Episode 196


Mastering The Art Of Conflict Resolution

“The reason most people suck at conflict and struggle and get divorced and separated and whatever is because they have a very low threshold for discomfort around their own triggers and the other person’s triggers.” 

Learning to walk through life with other people is an art in itself because we inevitably trigger and activate each other! No wonder conflict creates havoc in our most important relationships. Everything from childhood triggers to the fear of rejection, the need to be right and battling egos, means it’s not unusual to be the cause of the pain your partner feels. 

Conflict is often the cause of the permanent breakdown of relationships. 

But what if conflict could provide a route for healing, deeper connection, and richer levels of self-awareness and expression of needs? 

Jayson Gaddis is the founder of The Relationship School and author of the new book – Getting To Zero: How To Work Through Conflict In Your High-Stakes Relationships

Jayson has mastered the art of creating indestructible relationships by showing people how to become skilled at navigating challenges and friction. Jayson is here to show us that we don’t have to run away from uncomfortable conversations. When you have the tools and personal commitment, you can use inevitable conflicts to strengthen your emotional intelligence and deepen the connection you and your partner feel together. 

Tune into this episode to hear Jayson and I explore: 

  1. The power of taking a pause over a time out. 
  2. Moving into neutrality during an argument. 
  3. Creating a feeling of safety inside a conflict. 
  4. Learning your partner’s reassurance statement. 
  5. The principle of mutuality. 
  6. Coming in with empathy instead of complaints. 
  7. What to do if you have a need to be defensive and ‘right’.
  8. And more…

Jayson is a true expert in the field of conflict management. He’s extensively practiced and studied and most importantly, he does this work in his own life. 

Jayson is an incredible person to learn from. Tune into this episode and discover powerful tools and techniques for moving from disconnection to connection, acceptance, and understanding. You could learn something that will change the quality of your relationships forever.