Vipul Bhesania

Episode 194


Diving Deep Into Your Core Knowing

The more I trust myself, the more I listen to myself, the prouder I am of myself.

This episode’s guest feels like a soul brother to me. Vipul Bhesania and I had an instant resonance when we first met, and since then we’ve had so many profound conversations on and off the mic. 

The conversation we recorded together for this episode was deeper and more profound than anything I could have consciously prepared for.

We took a curious path through many concepts – covering everything from soul truths to routines, rituals, and discovering the path that is uniquely yours to take. 

You’ll love this conversation if you’re on the path of living an inspired life and are driven to connect deeper and deeper with your true self. 

Check out all the goodness…  

Vipul has a gift of expressing thoughts and emotions through words that connect with people on a really deep level. Through his work, Vipul inspires other people to seek their truth through his Know Your Legacy podcast, and his new book – ‘Searching in Silence’

In this episode, we explore: 

  1. The power of cultivating self-awareness. 
  2. The role of resonance in finding love and relationship. 
  3. Connection as a currency. 
  4. Surrendering the need to lead from the mind and make space for the heart. 
  5. Intangible superpowers and how we’re learning to own them. 
  6. Creating space between identity and feelings.
  7. Understanding what you need in the moment and finding the ritual that works for you. 
  8. Softening to hear the inner, inner voice. 
  9. And more…

In a world with so much external noise, learning to trust your inner knowing over anything external can provide you with the guidance, courage, and certainty you need to stay grounded in a life you love. 

This episode holds many clues that can help you walk this path with grace and ease.