Karlee Fain

Episode 193


Cultivating Boundaries That Protect Your Soul’s Deepest Desires - Revisited

The better our boundaries are, the more powerful our presence will be in the world.

I’m super excited to re-release this incredible conversation I had with Karlee Fain earlier last year. After feeling a strong desire to refresh my own memory on the power of setting energetic boundaries, I tuned into this conversation and found so many gems from it. 

Boundaries are a way to create more power in your world. They also help to make relationships deeper, more connected, and safer. Boundaries can also help you to navigate tough conversations making this tool a skill to practice and master. 

If you feel drawn to practice setting and maintaining energetic and physical boundaries in your life, this episode will help. Check it out. 

Karlee Fain is a celebrity business and health coach who shows career-driven women how to upgrade their boundaries so they can tap into their deepest wisdom and stop people-pleasing. As a sought-after live-in coach to A-List celebrities [including Grammy-award winners], Karlee empowers people to get back their precious time and energy.  

Boundary settings is a core area of expertise for Karlee and in this episode we explore: 

  1. How to differentiate between self-love when you need to take time and self-love when you need to do the work. 
  2. The teacup and saucer analogy of boundaries and self-love. 
  3. Why creating boundaries isn’t easy.
  4. How to know that our boundaries are appropriate. 
  5. How our body tells us that it’s time to set boundaries.
  6. What are boundaries actually protecting? 
  7. How to determine which values are worth creating boundaries around. 
  8. Why starting with low-risk scenarios is a great way to practice boundary setting.
  9. How to start being radically honest with yourself.  
  10. How to make friends as adults. 
  11. And more! 

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