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Bo Cicak

Episode 184


Trusting In The Bigger Plan That Life Has For You

Just show up for the plan that the Universe has already provided for you.

We’re living in an age of collective evolution where we’re relearning what it means to be human. More and more people are challenging the old paradigms of success and fulfillment; finding new ways to be, have, and do the things we desire.

Dr Bo Cicak is one of these humans.

Voted San Diego’s #1 Chiropractor in 2019 and 2020, Dr Bo is an embodied example of what it means to prioritize health and create a life attuned to a spiritual calling.

In this episode, Dr Bo explores his journey to trusting in an unseen power as he’s learned to prioritize the inner world and live a more responsive life.

Tune in now to hear how chiropractic philosophy can increase your capacity to surrender to the pull of life – as you stay grounded in what matters most to you.

Dr Bo Cicak is an educator of health and a student of life. He offers a profound perspective on how to become the very best version of yourself. As a Chiropractor, his focus is not only on proper alignment of your spine but also to ensure you learn all the necessary health habits in order to correct your condition and live life to the fullest.

In this episode, Dr Bo and I explore how to find greater meaning in all that you do – so that you can become all that you are and create your best life.

Some key takeaways include:

  1. The importance of optimizing for the way you feel.
  2. How to know when you’re out of flow.
  3. The power of starting your day internally instead of externally.
  4. Transforming our understanding of hard work.
  5. Dance, movement, loosening up and alchemizing unsettled energy.
  6. Tapping into the WHY behind the energies and emotions you feel.
  7. A dive into chiropractic philosophy.
  8. The physical weight of an emotional thought. [Example from my relationship break-up].
  9. How Bo’s career shift is an example of an act of surrender.
  10. What it means to surrender to life.
  11. And more…

If you know there’s more to life, and you’re ready to sink into what your heart, body, and emotions are calling you to explore, this episode is for you.