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Episode 183


Cultivating The Courage To Rise In Love

To me, the courage to rise in love is the idea of facing everything in front of us with the lens of love.

It’s that time again! The episode where I take you through my monthly reflection and all my learnings from May 2021.

This is my fifth reflection this year and I’m seeing such a huge benefit from this deep-dive process. When you get intentional about your life and pay attention to what’s actually happening, you unlock the gifts, lessons, and experiences of the moment. For me, this level of self-reflection is an accelerator that leverages hindsight as a personal and spiritual growth tool.

Reflection helps you get the lessons faster, so you can bend time and condense your life.

It’s one of the ways I’m able to have my cake and eat it too.

May has been a growth-fuelled, wildly fulfilling month most notably marked by the end of my 20s. This milestone inspired me to purge things that aren’t originating from an internal source or my heart, creating space to rise in something new.

If you’ve listened to any of my previous monthly reflections, you’ll know that Georgina El Morshdy is here to help us navigate this conversation.

Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll hear us explore:

Key takeaways:

  1. How it felt to write a eulogy for my 20s.
  2. Leaving Austin and marking the end of a chapter.
  3. Making the shift from being an inspiration to living an inspired life.
  4. How to purge things that no longer serve you from your life.
  5. What it means to shatter the idea of you [and how this creates opportunities for growth].
  6. How to know when you’re rising in love.
  7. Trust, synchronicities, and faith in the universe.
  8. What is time and how can you bend it in your favor.
  9. My definition of faith and how to cultivate it.
  10. What you find when you strip away what isn’t yours.
  11. And more…

As well as finding something for yourself in this episode, I hope my monthly reflections inspire you to look back over your own life so you can extract the lessons that life is teaching you.