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Britt Lefkoe

Episode 180


How To Get What You Don’t Even Know You Want

My story about the world and everyone in it is what’s making me feel these things, and so I’m the one that has the power to shift that story.

Have you ever wondered why people don’t implement good advice… even advice that they pay for?

The answer is your underlying belief system. If advice contradicts or conflicts with who you believe yourself to be [and what you believe is possible], the advice won’t stick.

No wonder belief work is so powerful…

It’s in our rewiring of our deeply held beliefs that meaningful change and transformation can happen – something that this episode’s guest is a master of.

Britt Lefkoe is a business and personal development coach, who specializes in coaching entrepreneurs and executives who are looking to push through glass ceilings, uplevel in their business, and create more joy and authenticity in their lives.

For over 20 years, Britt has been expanding upon the groundbreaking work of her father, Morty Lefkoe, whose belief-based, neuroscientific approach to business and personal development has been instrumental in the growth of individuals and organizations around the world.

Britt’s work is focused on identifying and shifting the underlying beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that are typically buried underneath layers of achieving, accomplishments, and pushing through. Her highly customized methodology helps clients identify blind spots and create unwavering confidence, to accelerate growth without undiagnosed problems holding them back.

In this episode, Britt explains how you can leverage your emotions as messengers and reveals how to work with the wounded inner child to open the door for new opportunities going forward.

We cover a LOT in this episode, including the following highlights:

    1. Why we’re afraid to dive into bigger possibilities.
    2. What comes first? Do you focus on the mindset or the emotions?
    3. How do you unravel the stories that hold you back?
    4. Building on the foundation left behind by others.
    5. How does self-love allow you to experience a deep, rich life.
    6. What it means to be a mirror for others.
    7. Embodying your power to be a ripple for others.
    8. Exploring your relationship with courage.
    9. Expanding your life through the power of feelings alone.
    10. Letting the universe surprise you.
    11. And more…

Britt is a beautiful soul whose beingness is an inspiration. Her energy lights you up and the way she moves through life and honors the universe encourages others to look for more joy.

This powerful episode is packed with golden insights that can inspire you to believe that you can move through anything and everything that holds you back.

I can’t wait for you to check it out.