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Raj Jana

Episode 179


How Life Unfolds When You Believe Everything Happens FOR You

When you can trust in the unfolding, you know that every hardship you’re experiencing is only a hardship because it hasn’t fully blossomed into the blessing yet.
I’m super excited to release this latest reflection episode. April 2021 held a lot of teachings and because it was also the last month of my 20s, this reflection holds an extra special meaning.

This month, I’ve been learning to cultivate faith.

Sometimes, life doesn’t unfold in the way you imagine. Sometimes, projects and plans can take longer to come to fruition than you would have liked – and that can create inner friction! But when you believe that everything is happening FOR you, delays create an opening to explore uncomfortable emotions and experiences.

In the process, you grow and evolve at lightning speed!

I’m super grateful for this month. April has given me the circumstances that have allowed me to experience who I am at a deeper level – and as always, I’m sharing all the juicy details with you in this week’s episode.

If you’ve listened to any of my previous monthly reflections, you’ll know that Georgina El Morshdy is here to help us navigate this conversation.

Here are some of the key takeaways you’ll hear us explore:

  1. The important difference between the paths of evolution and achievement. 
  2. Differentiating between the idea of you and the real you. 
  3. Faith and the gift of believing everything happens FOR you. 
  4. Recognizing that painful moments often deepen relationships and cultivate intimacy.
  5. Cultivating the courage to ask for help from those you would normally support. 
  6. What it means to ‘keep the glass clean’.
  7. And more…

The universe asked me to step up in so many ways this month.

But in hindsight, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Allowing myself to see who I am at a deeper level, is an experience I’m always grateful for.

It’s my hope that by discovering my recent experiences and listening to this conversation, you’ll have more trust in the lessons life wants to teach you – however they choose to show up.

Check it out.