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Vipul Bhesania

Episode 177


How To Find Truth In Stillness, Silence, & Introspection

When you reflect on your journey, you’re better able to connect the dots.​

What do YOU think about the world?

How can you differentiate between the knowledge you’ve acquired from books and the wisdom you’ve embodied as your own?

What is the truth of who YOU are – and how can you go about finding it all?

Vipul Bhesania’s life transformed when he developed severe eczema while studying at university. His condition was so extreme that even sleep became painful because his skin tore so easily. Physical pain made Vipul question his ambition to become a successful, highly paid city of London lawyer. Instead, he got interested in philosophy and began asking bigger and bigger questions.

Who am I?

What is this force behind science?

What is underneath all the layers of my identity?

As a result of these conversations, Vipul transformed his relationship with himself – and cultivated the beautiful skill of expressing emotions through words.

Today, Vipul inspires other people to seek their truth through his Know Your Legacy podcast, and his new book – ‘Searching in Silence’.

In this episode, Vipul shares the personal journey that inspired his spiritual evolution and empowered him to connect with his truth.

Together, we explore:

  1. What inspires Vipul’s writing and creative process.
  2. How to connect with your true sense of self.
  3. Self-reflection and how it builds self-trust.
  4. Why gratitude is the undercurrent beneath it all.
  5. What inspired Vipul’s spiritual path.
  6. Digging into the concept of shedding.
  7. The power of building a relationship with yourself.
  8. The journey of expressing your emotions and heartspace through writing.
  9. And more…

If your soul is calling for self-discovery and you’re ready to reconnect with your authentic self and unlock the answers to your biggest questions, this soulful conversation holds an abundance of clues.

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Vipul Bhesania