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Tracy Matthews

Episode 176


Playing With Your Creative Gifts

Inspiration really comes in the quiet moments.

We all have the ability to be creative, the question is, how do you access your unique talents and allow yourself to be inspired? The good news is there are specific acts you can take to awaken your creative being so you can express your essence and become your authentic self.

This episode’s guest is Tracy Matthews – a jewelry designer, entrepreneur, mentor to creative visionaries and host of the top-rated podcast, Thrive By Design.

Tracy’s life has been inspired by creativity and imagination ever since she was a child. Tracy has unique insight into what it means to be creative, and in this episode, she reveals it all!

Tracy has a passion for helping people tap into their unique creative brilliance factor to make more money and impact. She’s been featured in InStyle, Elle, Us Weekly, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Weddings, Entrepreneur, and The Today Show. She’s also been interviewed on various media outlets including Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur, American Fashion Podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy and Creative Live.

As the Chief Visionary Officer of Flourish & Thrive Academy, she helps other jewelry brands launch, grow and scale profitable jewelry businesses. Over the years, she’s inspired creative thinkers to use their innate gifts to grow their businesses. At Creatives Rule the World, she helps creative visionaries of entrepreneurial companies to spend more time in their creative zone of genius which results in more inspired teams, increased profitability and a lot more fun in business.

In this powerful episode, Tracy explores how to tap into your creative genius – so you can express your uniqueness into the world. Here’s an overview of what we discuss.

Key takeaways:

  1. How do you cultivate an energy of fascination?
  2. The power of role models for inspiring your path.
  3. How Cameron Diaz inspired Tracy to become a jewellery designer.
  4. The value of the nuance that’s often overlooked.
  5. Opening up by leaning into curiosity and playing with ‘what if’ energy.
  6. Playing devil’s advocate and debating for the other side.
  7. Rip-offs, plagiarism, and navigating copycats.
  8. Co-creating with the universe.
  9. The dance between the inner voice and external influences.
  10. Creating from source.
  11. And more…

If you want to unlock your creativity and top up on some tips and insights to help you cultivate your skills, this episode has your back. Tune in now.

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