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Episode 174


Overcoming The Fear Of Being Seen For ALL That You Are

The more you can allow yourself to be seen, the more you heal.

For me, reflection is a practice that sparks accelerated growth. I’ve always got a journal near me because I know the value of capturing insights and deep-dives when they show up. Moving through life with this level of awareness helps me bend time around my learnings and lesson. It’s one of the reasons I can move fast, but with a level of depth that keeps me grounded.

These monthly reflection episodes are quickly becoming some of my favorite to record.

There’s power in riffing off some great questions and weaving out the narrative of my month. I benefit from this practice because it crystalizes my growth. It’s my intention that you get some benefit too by seeing behind the curtain on my life this March.

As usual, Georgina El Morshdy is here to interview me. Together, we always stir up some magic!

Georgina is great at holding space and guiding my thoughts down a path that ensure I reveal even more than I captured in my journal beforehand! This episode was no exception. There are some gold insights in this conversation and I’m so excited for you to tune in and extract some inspiration for your own journey.

Here’s a flavor of what we discuss:

  1. Escaping the cage of emotional blockages.
  2. Using anxiety as a north star for emotional release and deep healing.
  3. The story behind my badass turquoise crystal necklace.
  4. The logical reason why purpose would be a form of pleasure.
  5. The unexpected role nature can play in your healing journey.
  6. What becomes possible when you calibrate to truth.
  7. What happens inside a sweat lodge.
  8. Permission to be messy and how this infuses freedom into your life.
  9. Allowing requests for support to become your superpower.
  10. And more!

As Q1 comes to an end, I’m so grateful for my journey, all the experiences that have shaped me, and all the incredible people who hold space for me to continue on this path.

I’ve realized that no one needs to walk this healing path alone. You’ll find confidence and courage inside of community. It’s my hope that by sharing my inner journey, you’ll see a bit of yourself in me, and realize you’re not alone.

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