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Lisa Jane Wynn

Episode 173


How Your Joy Will Change The World

A legacy is living in a way that the world is better every day, not just when you’ve gone.

We’re at a pivotal point in human evolution. As a collective, we have huge challenges to solve, and a growing number of people want to make an impact and create a better world.

The desire to make a difference has been at the core of society for millennia. As humans, we instinctively want to help each other. Contribution is one of our core needs. The problem is, change-makers often sacrifice their own well being and needs in the pursuit of helping others that are less fortunate. As “noble” as that sounds, the stark imbalance between the acts of giving and receiving isn’t sustainable.

But what if there was a different way to impact that held space for you – as a change-maker – to live an abundant, fulfilling life?

This episode’s guest is Lisa Wynn – an award-winning Master Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Wealth Creation Coach, author, speaker, and host of the International No 1 Rated Legacy Creation Podcast.

Lisa is all about changing the paradigm of change-making. Her work focuses on empowering people to create legacies fueled by love, joy, play, and inspiration that can be experienced NOW rather than being left behind when we go, which in turn helps individuals create a much bigger impact in the world. Lisa is here to show us how we can all create a long-lasting difference in the world without sacrificing our own abundance, happiness, and joy.

Her paradigm-shifting work is having a far-reaching impact across the globe, and I can’t wait for you to experience her wisdom in this powerful conversation.

Check out this powerful episode to hear Lisa and I explore:

Key takeaways:

  1. What is a legacy?
  2. Why self-love is a key pillar in legacy creation.
  3. Why we’re afraid to indulge in the things we desire.
  4. How to connect with your desires.
  5. The difference between change-making and game-changing.
  6. The dangers of the pedestal of old-paradigm change-making.
  7. Working with your shadow.
  8. Why the energy of giving is more important than giving itself.
  9. Unconditional love and the beautiful story of Lisa’s grandparents.
  10. And more…

If you want to make a bigger impact while creating a beautifully abundant life that you can enjoy now, this episode is for you. I believe Lisa’s fresh perspective on legacy creation is exactly what we need, and I can’t wait for you to discover it all.

Lisa Jane Wynn