Chris Michael Harris

Chris Michael Harris

Episode 171


How To Start A Journey To Optimum Health

We’ve lowered the bar so much when it comes to what health and wellness should look like, that I think we’ve lost sight of what healthy actually is.

If you’re an A-Type entrepreneur putting in the work and the hustle to make your business thrive, there’s often a cost. For Chris Michael Harris, that cost was a health crisis. When he hit rock bottom, Chris was a 29-year-old suffering from severe gut issues, which created a knock-on effect emotionally, physically, and mentally. He had deficiencies across the board, he was bedridden, his body was beginning to shut down, and he struggled with suicidal thoughts.

His condition was so bad; doctors told him he’d be gone by 40 – best-case scenario, 50.

This diagnosis forced Chris to review his lifestyle and his perceptions of what it means to be healthy. Turns out, he’d set the bar extremely low, and looking back over his life, Chris began to see a pattern of environmental factors which stretched right back to birth.

Chris is now 34 and is in the best health of his life after committing to a journey of restoring health. He’s energetic, vibrant, and supported by the data he needs to stay in optimum health.

In this episode, Chris reveals what it took to turn his life around – and in the process, challenge what it means to be healthy.

Through online training, memberships, and coaching, Chris Michael Harris helps people become Superhuman Entrepreneurs who are ready to make an impact in whatever it is they do. Chris is also the host of the Startup U Podcast

What’s beautiful about this episode is Chris’ health takes center stage. We used the entire episode to dive deep into Chris’ personal wellness journey – giving you an insight into the recovery that’s possible when you take your health into your own hands.

Together, we explore:

  1. Factors that contribute to gut health.
  2. How Chris figured out a plan to get well.
  3. What inspired Chris to stick with the journey to wellness.
  4. The power of documenting wins on your journey.
  5. What health challenges can teach you about life.
  6. Why your healing journey starts online.
  7. Healing without financial stress.
  8. Chris’ top book recommendation.
  9. Why you want to test your stool.
  10. And more!

If you’re not feeling as good as you want and you’re ready to raise the bar in your life for what it means to be healthy, this episode is for you. As well as being inspired by Chris’ personal journey, you’ll also discover some powerful tips and strategies that will leave you feeling more empowered with your health.

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Chris Michael Harris