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Rhonda Britten

Episode 169


The Path To Fearless Living Revisited

Fear is at the crux of everything. If you do not know how to master fear, then fear is always going to trick you. That’s because fear is smarter than you and more educated than you.

The whole world has shifted over the past year. Situations and circumstances have created a whole lot of unexpected change, which in turn has sparked fear.

Fear is an automatic response that keeps us safe. But unchecked and untamed fear will keep you small and hold you back from living an extraordinary life. Fortunately, there are powerful techniques and approaches you can master, which can help you manage your fears – so you can live fearlessly.

This episode with Rhonda Britten first aired in 2018. In it, Rhonda shares so much gold about how to navigate fear that I wanted to publish it again.

Rhonda Britten is a master life coach, the creator of the Fearless Living Institute, an Emmy-Award winner, and a two-time Oprah guest who’s dedicated her life to teaching people how to master fear.

After a horrific experience at the age of 14, Rhonda spent the next 20 years of her life battling with fear in all its guises. From self-doubt, blame, and addiction, Rhonda struggled to work out life – until she decided to challenge her beliefs about who she thought she was.

This decision opened the door to hope and freedom. It led Rhonda down a path where she’s helped people from across the world break free of indecision – so they can take the risks that lead to an authentic life.

Rhonda believes the key to fearless freedom is to understand how your fear works.

When it comes to fear, everyone’s experience is different. We all have our own fear response based on who we are and what’s happened in our lives.

In this episode, Rhonda reveals some simple, yet powerful questions that will enable you to understand what fear is trying to do – and how you can use fear to help you accomplish the things you want.

There is so much gold in this episode.  It’s electrifying and inspiring, and I can’t wait for you to get your teeth into this wisdom because I know you’re going to love it.

In this episode, Rhonda and I explore: 

  • Why an understanding of how fear works changed Rhonda’s whole life.
  • What is the Wheel of Fear and the Wheel of Freedom and how they operate.
  • Why fear loves you and isn’t out to get you.
  • A key question Rhonda asks her clients that you should answer too.
  • Why people don’t take the actions that will move them beyond fear.
  • Why fear doesn’t let you be satisfied. (23:14)
  • Why you must slow everything down when moving from fear to freedom.
  • The role of authenticity in getting on the fearless train.
  • Rhonda’s story and why she punished herself for 20 years after a childhood trauma.
  • The month of gold stars that opened the window to another way.
  • And more…

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Rhonda Britten