Charles Clay

Charles Clay

Episode 168


Finding Life’s Beauty In The Darkest Of Emotions

I choose to live a very intentional life because it’s just so much more fun to create a life by design instead of by default

When you think about your life, what’s your balance between consumption and creation?

This episode’s guest is Charles Clay, who has a powerful perspective for his life. Guided by ‘Vacation Vibration’, Charles has learned how to intentionally craft a life that holds space for deep emotions – at both ends of the spectrum.

We tend to push off the more challenging emotions. We resist feeling them or numb them with consumption [such as alcohol or drugs]. These strategies might help us cope with the pain of the moment, but when we refuse to feel into the lows, we also miss out on the peaks.

Charles has cultivated an ability to feel it all, empowering him to move through life with a zest and reverence for life that’s capture by the ‘Vacation Vibration’ vibe. It’s a fascinating philosophy and one that’s empowering for people wanting to feel and experience more.

Charles Clay is an Inner-Peace Coach & Healer. He’s also an author, speaker and founder of The Inner-Peace Process. Charles helps men and women release fear, anxiety and subconscious blocks to create their dream life with ease.

To experience a ‘Vacation Vibration’, you need to be able to hold life at both ends of the spectrum. A big piece of Charles’ work is helping people handle their emotions to access so much more from their life.

Tune into this episode and discover how to ride the emotional waves that characterize the human experience. As you dive deeper into Charles’ story, you’ll realize just how beautiful this journey can be.

Here’s an overview of what we discuss:

  1. What inspires Charles to live life with reverence?
  2. How to raise your vibration and source your power internally rather than externally.
  3. Opening your capacity to receive more love, joy, and pleasure.
  4. Strategies for living life at the edge.
  5. The mountain accident that inspired Charles’ path to healing.
  6. Uncovering the golden nuggets inside the challenges.
  7. Charles’ journey to kinesiology.
  8. And more…

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Charles Clay