Raj Jane

Raj Jana

Episode 166


Learning To Trust The Unpredictable Flow Of Life

All the things that I love most about my life right now are things that I didn’t even know I wanted.

Turns out a lot you enjoyed the annual reflections that I published at the end of 2020. I got a lot of feedback telling me how helpful it was to see behind the curtains of someone who’s growing multiple companies while also creating growth, fulfillment, and richness in my own life.

So I decided to share my monthly reflections with you too.

I want to show you what worked and what didn’t. I’m also sharing my experiments and new discoveries as well the emotional intelligence and mindset it takes to navigate a life where you make your own rules, set your own path, and aim to win big with whatever you want for YOUR life.

As usual, I have my Message Muse – Georgina El Morshdy – here to pull out all the juicy details for your enjoyment! And we don’t hold back. This is a deep-dive conversation where we get under the skin of my most significant discoveries from January 2021.

Tune in now to hear us explore:

  1. Why you’re never really in control of your life – and how to navigate the chaos.
  2. Dancing between masculine and feminine energies.
  3. How I’m allowing my feminine energy to express.
  4. What does it mean to sit with whatever life stirs up?
  5. The next-level emotional mastery that comes from understanding the source of ALL your feelings.
  6. Why you need to let go of the need for certainty.
  7. Why you don’t need a declaration for a feeling to exist.
  8. My rituals for cultivating self-love.
  9. This month’s highs and lows [and why I don’t say successes and failures].
  10. My hindsight word for the month.
  11. What kept me grounded in January 2021.
  12. And more!

Make sure you listen to the end because I’ve created a challenge for you that will help you put into practice some of the principles you hear in this episode.

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Raj Jana