Phil Fischman

Phil Fischman

Episode 165


Using Crystals to Unlock Your Reverence For Life

There are times I sit with a crystal and it speaks to me beyond what my mind knows.

As I’ve dived deeper into my healing journey, I’ve become increasingly fascinated with different healing modalities. Recently, I got interested in crystals and during my last trip to San Diego, life took me to Phil Fischman’s incredible shop – Beads, Crystals, and More.

The more I got talking with Phil, the more I was drawn in by his passion, dedication, and reverence for stones. Phil has been a lover and steward of crystals, gems, and beads for the past 50 years; he’s dedicated his life to uplifting others by connecting them with the healing frequencies contained within the earth’s elements.

This incredible episode was recorded inside Phil’s shop. As you step into the episode, allow yourself to be infused with the power of the stones and ancient beads that surrounded us as we talk.

Phil is a gemstone expert, crystal healing practitioner and the founder of Beads, Crystals and More – a repository of earth-wisdom. He’s a nationally certified Gemologist, trained at the world-renowned GIA and was a Senior Founding Member of the National Association of Gem and Jewelry Appraisers.

In this powerful episode, you’ll get to hear how stones have a life force that can communicate with you. They express energy. They can invite an opening inside of you that connects you to something deeper. Stones can teach us a lot – and in this week’s episode, Phil is here to share his decades worth of experience of working with stones – to help you better understand the healing role they can play in your life.

Here’s a taste of what Phil and I explore together:

  1. How the energies of crystals can communicate with us.
  2. How to start working with crystals.
  3. How Phil works with his stones.
  4. The different frequencies expressed by stones.
  5. Why size doesn’t matter when it comes to stones.
  6. Healing, energetic vibrations, and the reason certain crystals speak to different parts of the body.
  7. Using crystals as a gateway into your being.
  8. How Phil uses crystals to stay grounded.
  9. And more!

If you’re curious about how stones can ground you back into nature and remind you of the reverence of life, this beautiful conversation with Phil will open your heart and take to your soul. I can’t wait for you to check it out.

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Phil Fischman