Angelo Keely

Angelo Keely

Episode 163


How To Play The Infinite Game Of Life

The game of self-awareness is, inherently, an infinite game.

How do you best play the hand that life dealt you? How can you navigate challenge and trauma and still find a way to unlock the best version of yourself?

To help us answer these questions [and more], I’ve got Angelo Keely on the show!

Angelo is the co-founder and CEO of Kion, a lifestyle supplement and functional food company dedicated to helping people live their most vibrant, fulfilling life. He’s also the founder of Create Your Life, a live online program to uncover clarity, purpose, and vision so you can build an actionable plan to create the life, business, relationships, family, or career of your dreams.

Angelo is no stranger to challenge after experiencing a series of traumatic incidents in his adolescence and early childhood. He was nearly beaten to death at age 16 and aged 21; he was involved in a deadly bus accident in the Himalayan foothills. Despite these traumas, Angelo has been able to craft a life of meaning and impact.

In this episode’s powerful conversation, Angelo and I dive head-first into a series of challenging concepts that forced us to articulate our own beliefs about what life is all about.

Tune in now to hear us explore:

  1. What it means to be a leader inside of turbulence and chaos.
  2. The best speed to choose when moving through your life.
  3. How to navigate challenges, hardship, and struggle to become a more authentic, clearer version of yourself.
  4. The power of ‘chosen’ challenges.
  5. What shifts in your being when you choose to see life as an infinite game.
  6. Why Raj believes you can’t mess up your life.
  7. What drives people to do harmful things.
  8. What mentoring inside a maximum-security prison taught Raj about the impact of environment.
  9. And more…

As the meaning-maker in your life, you get to choose a story and a set of beliefs that serve and extract the highest version of your being.

This episode’s conversation will inspire you to think off the beaten track and guide you to explore what life means for YOU. In turn, you’ll feel empowered to reclaim your truth and express yourself at a whole new level.

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Angelo Keely