Mike Cline Aydika James

Mike Cline & Aydika James

Episode 162


Working With Your Brain For Optimum Peace & Presence

Awareness is what enables neural rewiring. It’s the behavior change that occurs when our brains change.

Mental health is a growing problem in our modern world – and it’s a problem that continues to grow as we factor in the challenges of a global pandemic the resultant shifts in the way that we live.

Right now, we’re seeing that issues such as loneliness are on the rise – as are levels of depression, stress, and anxiety.

This episode’s guests – Mike Cline and Aydika James – describe themselves as analysers of life. They both have a passion to make an impact in the world of mental health and communication. They believe everyone deserves a happy brain, and they’re on a creative mission to make this vision a reality.

YourPetBrain.com is the home of a cuddly, huggable brain with a purpose. [I named mine “Squish!”]

“Brain” is on a mission to create a million happy brains, with 50% of all profits going toward bringing the best mental health resources and “edu-tainment” to the world. Ultimately, the goal is to make mental health something cool to talk about – because it is!

Mike and Aydika made Brain to remind people that they deserve a relationship with their brain that empowers and supports them.

Conversations about how the brain works and how to support your mental health can support this goal. It’s one of the reasons why we’re talking about all things brain in this episode!

Tune in now to hear us explore:

  1. How to create space and safety inside a noisy environment.
  2. The importance of the feeling of the word ‘home’.
  3. How awareness can help us to achieve flow states.
  4. How a sense of belonging ties into safety
  5. Why kindness and humor can defuse challenging situations and spark meaningful conversations.
  6. Why ‘stick to the end’ can help you move through stress and challenge powerfully.
  7. Why Mike and Aydika created a giant squishy brain toy – and how it can nurture your mental health.
  8. The power of personalizing your brain.
  9. Tips for sparking a different relationship with your brain.
  10. And more!

2020 was such a tumultuous year for so many of us. Our lives were rocked by forces outside of us which forced our brains to go into overdrive. Mike and Aydika are here to show you how you can train your brain so it can support you better in your day-to-day lives.

So if you want to learn how to use your brain to create a more fulfilling, fun, loving life, tune in now.

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Mike Cline & Aydika James