Gina Worful

Gina Worful

Episode 161


Mindful Eating: Learning To Communicate With Your Body Using The Food You Eat

Mindful eating is a process of connecting to your body more and letting your body be the guide of how you should be eating.

For many people, January represents the chance to start afresh. Health plans often top the list with people choosing new diets and setting resolutions around their food habits.

If you’re someone who’s struggled to create long-term results from dieting, or you find it difficult to take control over food, this powerful episode is for you.

Most of us haven’t been trained to be mindful eaters. Instead of using food as a vehicle to connect deeply with our bodies, we get lost in emotional or comfort eating.

As unlikely as it sounds, there is a way to change your eating habits without the need for calorie counting, meal plans, or regimented diets. Each of us has innate wisdom coursing through our body. We can use this wisdom to guide our dietary choices – and create more health and fulfillment in the process.

This episode will show you how.

This week’s guest is Gina Worful; a registered dietitian and master of human nutrition.

Gina became passionate about behavior re-patterning after seeing so many people frustrated with their self-sabotaging habits and repeatedly failing to stick to their nutrition program. This led to the development of her published book, Mastering Mindfulness, and her method that has been presented at conferences nationwide.

In this episode, Gina and I explore:

  1. What is mindful eating?
  2. How to use food as a way to reconnect with your body.
  3. What kids can teach us about intuitively eating.
  4. The psychology of comfort food and emotional eating.
  5. Why willpower alone won’t help you stick to a diet.
  6. The power of starting with a breath.
  7. How you can learn to trust yourself with food.
  8. How to start a mindful eating plan.
  9. Why your body already knows what it wants to eat.
  10. The power of playing with colors in food.
  11. The role of intuition in eating.
  12. And more…

If you’re ready to ditch the diets and create a guilt-free, empowering relationship with food, this episode is packed with insights, ideas, and inspiration that will help you make 2021 the year you kick dieting for good.

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Gina Worful