Raj Jana

Raj Jana

Episode 159


2020 Reflection. The Power of Choosing Yourself

Choosing yourself is one of the most exhilarating, fulfilling, exhausting, intimidating, scary, and just rich journeys one can go on.

For me, December is traditionally a time of reflection and review. I love to pour over my journals and really take the time to pull out and consolidate all that I’ve learned. Looking back, 2020 has felt like a decade in itself! I’m in awe of how much can happen in a year when you live with intention, focus, and awareness.

In this episode, I’m giving you an insight into my journals by sharing all my standout growth lessons in detail.

My intention is that you can not only learn from my journey, but also get to see how preparation and certain practices can empower you to unlock your true potential.

I’ve found that radical honesty and self-awareness are key tools for growing at an exponential rate. The more you’re able to make sense of how life is unfolding for you, the easier it becomes to bend time and move forward with depth and speed.

So if you’re curious to know how you can reflect on your year to unlock your fullest potential, this episode is for you.

To help me navigate this reflective journey, I’ve brought back my Message Muse, Georgina El Morshdy, to pull out the things that I know I can’t pull out on my own! Here’s a taste of all the standout moments we explore in this episode:

  1. What Kobe Bryant’s death brought to life for me.
  2. How Panache Desai created a contrast that deepened my understanding of love.
  3. Exploring my instinctive response to the arrival of COVID.
  4. Explaining the role that fear plays in my life.
  5. Meeting Grace Smith – a perfect example of how my podcast brings key people into my life.
  6. Self-love lessons after my eight-year relationship ended.
  7. How I learned to surrender to the feelings in my body.
  8. Discovering what it takes to choose yourself.
  9. And more.

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Raj Jana