Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas

Episode 157


Finding Inner Beauty When External Beauty Fades

When you do go inside and you realize that that’s where your strength is, that literally shifts the ground for you.

As a society, we have a very limited definition of what it means to be beautiful.

Thanks to the beauty and fashion industries we’ve become obsessed with products that promise to enhance our appearance and push back the years. As a result, lots of people – women in particular – find their value in the way they look rather than the person they are inside.

But if the way you look defines your self-worth and value, what do you do when your physical appearance is cruelly stripped away?

This episode’s guest – Hollywood Beauty expert Kym Douglas – experienced this first-hand.

Kym started out in television when she was just 16. Over the years, she built a career sharing her passion for ALL things beauty on shows including Hallmark’s Home & Family Show and the Ellen Degeneres Show.

But In 2018, Kym’s world turned upside down after a routine mammogram revealed she had stage 3B breast cancer.

As chemo stripped away her external beauty, Kym had no choice but to find meaning elsewhere.

In this episode, she shares that story.

After decades of looking outside herself, Kym was guided to embrace the inner work. With the help of God, divine signs, and a meaningful oak tree stump, Kym found the strength and courage to overcome the disease.

Today, she’s more beautiful than ever after learning how to redefine beauty and most importantly, choose herself.

Tune into this powerful episode and discover:  

  1. The moment when Kym found the strength to fight cancer.
  2. How an oak tree stump became the trigger that transformed Kym’s life.
  3. The healing power of vulnerability.
  4. The importance of checking the ingredients in your make-up and skincare.
  5. Big life lessons from Kym’s healing journey.
  6. How tragedy inspires us to discover what’s really important.
  7. The ONE thing that all scientists and healers agree on which you can do to prevent disease.
  8. And more…

Kym’s story is a source of hope and inspiration and I can’t wait for you to discover it all inside this incredible episode.

Kym Douglas