Tully O'Connor

Tully O'Connor

Episode 156


Reclaiming Your Power With The Gift Of Presence

Presence is the ability to be with what is.

What happens when you sit in the silence and take quality time to be with yourself? Are you able to be present with everything that is? Or do you get distracted easily and struggle to hold all your emotions?

Most of us weren’t raised to be emotionally intelligent beings. Instead, we were programmed to shut off and push down the harder, ‘socially unacceptable’ feelings. Unfortunately, this strategy doesn’t work. Our challenge is that the body doesn’t forget. Any emotions that you resist get stuck inside of you instead of flowing through you. In turn, suffering and pain begin to build-up, making it harder to feel a sense of peace and safety within.

The good news is you can reverse this programming.

With the help of embodiment practices, you can reclaim and rekindle your personal power by embracing the gift of presence.

Tully O’Connor is here to help you navigate that beautiful journey with more grace and ease.

Tully has a deep passion for helping people explore their potential and live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Tully has an incredible background of training and experience. He started his career as a Physiotherapist in 2011 and has spent the last decade exploring human movement, NLP, leadership development and peak performance. He’s worked with teachers in the fields of Tantra and Depth Psychology, gaining a deep understanding of how our unconscious emotional patterns drive our behaviour and impact on our well-being.

Through his coaching programs and retreats, Tully helps men to develop more depth, live a life of purpose, create rich connected relationships and expand their influence as integrated leaders in all aspects of their lives. He’s also the co-creator of the Ignite Couples Course with his wife Kaitlin.

In this powerful episode, Tully and I explore:

  1. What is presence and why it’s such an important skill to cultivate?
  2. Tully’s breaking point.
  3. What is embodiment work and what tools are available to help us navigate this?
  4. How to create a sense of safety in your body.
  5. The power of leveraging breathwork to crack you open.
  6. Tapping into the healing power of inner child work.
  7. Why a little bit of fear is good for the soul.
  8. Leveraging vulnerabilty and stories to feel seen.

If you’re ready for some deep healing and you’re curious about which techniques and practices could help you take your life to the next level, this episode will show you the way.

Tully O’Connor