Jessica Reis

Jessica Reis

Episode 154


How To Transform The Grieving Process Into A Beautiful Experience

Our grief is sacred and it’s a rite of passage.

2020 has forced us all to explore our relationship with grief. At some level, we’re all grieving – for unexplored plans, for the old way of living, and for loved ones who are no longer with us.

You may know I lost my grandmother and aunt recently to COVID-19. As my family moves through our grief, I’m experiencing the pain and beauty of dancing with a rich spectrum of emotions. At times, I’m overwhelmed with pain, hurt, and confusion. Then without warning, my emotions flip to deep gratitude for the memories and the opportunity to deepen the connection I feel with my family.

Turns out there is no playbook for grief.

Instead, death is a rite of passage and grief is a personal process that we will all experience at some point during our lives.

So to help break down the taboos and myths around grief, I wanted to bring Death Doula, Jessica Reis onto the show.

Jessica is an incredible human who’s doing incredible work. She specializes in Grief, Loss, Shadow work and Death Guidance, and nourishes with love, guidance and support while helping people to navigate the loss of a loved one.

In this powerful conversation, Jessica and I explore:

  1. Why do we struggle to navigate grief?
  2. How do you dance through grief so you can feel the full spectrum of emotions?
  3. The importance of meeting a grieving person where they are.
  4. How you can change the story about grief to make it a more beautiful experience.
  5. Why grief is sacred and a rite of passage.
  6. How the presence of death can become life-affirming.
  7. Death-nesting and the power of supporting someone to move into the portal of death.
  8. How I connected energetically with my grandmother in the last moments of her life.
  9. The power of moving through grief with ceremonies.
  10. Why inauthenticity repels.
  11. And more…

Whether you’re grieving for a loved one or the loss of your pre-COVID plans and dreams, this beautiful conversation will help you dance with your emotions – wherever they want to take you.

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Jessica Reis