Elisabeth Cardiello

Elisabeth Cardiello

Episode 153


Building Emotional Resilience and Experiencing Safety in an Unsafe World

Vulnerability is just sharing whatever emotion is in you.

One of the reasons 2020 has been so unsettling is because safety is a basic human need. When certainty is stripped away, fear bubbles up – causing us to feel as though the world is unsafe.

But despite the chaos, there’s an opportunity to be found in the current climate. When the outside world shifts, we have no option but to dive within. In the process, we can cultivate emotional resilience and tap into a more reliable form of safety… the safety that comes from feeling certain inside your own emotions and your own body.

So if you’re craving a sense of peace in this ‘unsafe’ world, this you’ll want to hear what this week’s incredible guest – Elisabeth Cardiello – has to share.

Elisabeth Cardiello is the founder of a coffee company called Caffè Unimatic. Created by her father in the 1950s, the Unimatic drip-percolator became a symbol of Elisabeth’s childhood and hours of coffee-fuelled conversations.

It was while sorting through her dad’s affairs after his unexpected death that the Unimatic took center stage in Elisabeth’s life again. Safely stored in the office’s storeroom, Elisabeth discovered a collection of 5,000 Unimatics manufactured by her dad in the 1960s – and Caffè Unimatic was born.

Then more dots began to connect…

As a child, Elisabeth was obsessed with asking better questions. As an adult, she figured out how to deconstruct conversation and learn the importance of listening. Combined, these skills fueled her desire to use coffee to start conversations that will harmonize our world – and the BRAVE Framework was born.

BRAVE Conversations Over Coffee® is a platform designed to help companies, families, and teams communicate in a way that inspires vulnerability, empathy, courage, and acceptance. Elisabeth’s work has taken her to speak at UN Conferences. She’s given Congressional briefings, two TEDx Talks, and multiple keynotes, as well as been featured by the likes of Forbes, NBC, and Goop. What’s more, her life story is currently part of a Netflix documentary about how coffee connects humanity.

In this beautiful conversation, Elisabeth shares how her coffee became a trigger for creating emotional resilience and unlocking the bravery we all need to thrive.

Here’s a taste of the topics we explore.

  1. Methods for creating more safety in yourself.
  2. How rituals help you find deeper levels of resilience.
  3. The powerful ways that community helps you move forward.
  4. How Elisabeth’s dad inspired her business and her life’s work.
  5. Secrets for communicating compassion through your eyes.
  6. Strategies for using the ritual of coffee to start conversations that can harmonize the world.
  7. Elisabeth’s five-step BRAVE framework for vulnerable, authentic conversations.
  8. How to create and hold compassionate spaces for others to step into and thrive.
  9. And more…

Elisabeth is an incredible human doing amazing work – especially given the times we’re in. I’m so excited for you to experience her presence in this powerful conversation.