Raj Jana

Raj Jana

Episode 150


How Journaling Transformed My Business & My Life

I’ve been able to achieve success faster than most individuals as a result of me being so conscious with my journaling efforts to truly capture lessons when they’re happening.

I wanted to do something a little different to celebrate the 150th episode of Stay Grounded. So I decided to collaborate with my good friend Georgina El Morshdy who hosts the Writing Your Best Self podcast.

Over the years, Georgina and I have enjoyed countless deep-dive conversations. Georgina has a unique gift of asking questions that crack you open and connect you with your soul. As a muse, she’s pulled countless things out of me that I didn’t even realize I had in me. She’s also a passionate journaler – so asking Georgina to interview me about my journaling practices for this milestone episode felt like the perfect thing to do.

Looking back, journaling has been a consistent tool that’s helped me compress time and experience exhilarating fulfillment in business and life.

And in this episode, you’ll get to learn all of my journaling secrets – so you can leverage this powerful practice for yourself.

Journaling is one of the most powerful tools I know for connecting back into the truth of who you are. The discoveries and insights you get to make inside your journal are both powerful and profound.

Here’s an overview of the topics Georgina and I explore so you can get a taste for the breadth of paths that journaling allows you to explore:

  1. How a lack of purpose inspired me to discover the magic of journaling.
  2. How gratitude allows you to connect dots and transform your perspective of time and the past.
  3. How to dive deeper into your emotions through your journaling practice.
  4. An in-depth look at my daily, weekly, monthly, and annual journaling practice.
  5. The importance of capturing the highs and the lows in your journal.
  6. Leveraging journaling as a catalyst for extraordinary living that compresses time.
  7. Why present moment awareness is a powerhouse of learning.
  8. How to turn moments of insecurity into huge learning opportunities.
  9. Why active appreciation is one of the most powerful tools you can cultivate.
  10. How to embody the lessons your journal teaches you.
  11. How to build an operating philosophy through your journal reflections.
  12. The beautiful way that journaling unlocks insights and wisdom that your ego can’t explain.
  13. How journaling for presence allows alchemy to flood out.
  14. And more!

One more thing… be sure to listen to the end as I share TWO powerful journaling prompts that will open up something beautiful for your business and your life.

Georgina El Morshdy