Asher Packman

Asher Packman

Episode 149


Why Death Is Our Greatest Teacher

Death is literally the greatest teacher that we have.

Asher Packman’s life circumstances forced him to rewrite his relationship with death. This journey started in 2007, when his sister took her own life at the peak of Asher’s corporate career. His mother died not long after, and while Asher was still deep in grief, he received his own blood cancer diagnosis.

But in the shadows and the darkness, Asher allowed death to become his most powerful teacher. By choosing to embrace the presence of death in his life, Asher discovered how to truly live.

Death is a conversation most of want to avoid, but we shouldn’t. The second you’re born, death becomes a certainty.

In this taboo-breaking interview, Asher shows you how you can call in death without fear – and allow it to teach you the secret of life.

Asher Packman is the president of Meditation Australia and the founder of Warrior Within and The Fifth Direction. He also runs death workshops.

Over the last decade, Asher has grown to become a globally recognized mindset coach and meditation teacher. Combining heart intelligence with Eastern philosophies and storytelling, he provides an approach that will connect you to the unlimited potential of your own true nature.

In this empowering conversation that everyone needs to have about death, Asher and I explore:

  1. Why we’re having a conversation with death all the time.
  2. The power of learning from the darkness and shadows?
  3. Exploring the dance between destiny and free choice.
  4. Navigating the journey from our head to our heart.
  5. Asher’s life experiences that inspired him to start an inner journey.
  6. Asher’s relationships with his illness.
  7. The difference between acceptance and agreements.
  8. The power of lockdown for inspiring a collective rite of passage.I encourage you to listen in.

Asher Packman