Dominick Quartuccio

Dominick Quartuccio

Episode 148


How To Lead With Vulnerability and Step Into Healthy Masculinity

As men, we are so hell-bent on protecting our masculinity because – this runs to the root of an identity – if you’re not a man, then you’re weak, you’re ostracized, you’re not valued. And then, you’re on your own. You’re left to kind of perish. This runs so deeply inside of us that we don’t recognize the game that we’re playing, which is “protect my man card.”

You may have noticed a recent trend where people are talking about the patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and what it means to be a man.

These confronting conversations are forcing us to look more closely at masculine and feminine dynamics and the healthy role that each plays in establishing harmonious societies. As a result, there are a growing number of men willing to take the journey required to step into healthier versions of manhood.

As my brother Dominick Quartuccio explains, there are a lot of little boys running around in the bodies of men. The reason? Conventional schooling and society don’t prioritize teaching the transition into healthy masculinity.

But if we’re willing to lean into our vulnerability and listen to our hearts’ whispers, not only will we experience profound healing BUT we have an opportunity to unleash the true power of our divine masculine into the world.

In this powerful conversation, Dominick and I explore what healthy masculinity looks like and the challenges men face while protecting their ‘man card’. And as you’ll hear, cultivating the confidence to listen to your heart in the midst of all the noise is a powerful way to transform your life – especially during 2020.

Dominick is a leader in the field of healthy masculinity and a man who walks his talk. His commitment to do the inner work always blows me away. As a coach, author, and advocate, Dominick helps men discover and live the Great Man Within. He co-hosts The Great Man Within podcast, and runs He also leads The Great Man Mastermind, a community of high caliber and high character men living their greatest purpose and optimizing their performance in everything they do.

Here’s a taste of what we discuss in this incredible conversation:

  1. What is a healthy definition of masculinity?
  2. Why are there so many little boys living in men’s bodies.
  3. How to navigate the death of an identity as a season in your life ends.
  4. The power of initiations and the rite of passage ceremonies.
  5. How to ask for help without losing your man card.
  6. How can men hold space to be friends with a woman?
  7. The healing power of being vulnerable with other men
  8. How to be vulnerable with yourself.

With plenty to think about and takeaway for both men and women, this episode is the perfect way to explore the healing effect of cultivating healthy masculine energy in your life.