Rebecca Louise

Rebecca Louise

Episode 147


Strategies For Choosing An Unlimited Life

Everything that you have in your life is solely down to the choices that you have made.

How do you overcome imposter syndrome, fears, and other people’s doubts to live a life without limits and achieve your dreams and destiny?

After going through anorexia at 17 and being bullied throughout school, Rebecca Louise decided to never let anything affect her going after her goals. Rebecca’s dreams brought her to the USA from the UK on a whim to get her commercial pilot’s license when she was 23-years-old. Although Rebecca loved flying, it was not her ultimate passion. When she got her work visa she was cast to be on a fitness YouTube channel. This is where Rebecca’s love for fitness, helping people and hosting came alive.

Today, Rebecca Louise is a mindset and fitness coach and the host of the top-rated podcast It Takes Grit. Her fitness videos have surpassed over 450 million views on YouTube and her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Vogue, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Shape, KTLA, FOX, Closer, Oxygen, Well + Good, Goop. It was in response to audience demand, that Rebecca created her Fitness and Nutrition App BURN and she’s recently published her new book, It Takes Grit.

Rebecca’s on a mission to motivate people to feel like the best version of themselves through exciting workouts and tasty recipes.

In this energetic conversation, Rebecca and I explore:

  1. What is self-care supposed to be?
  2. Why self-care reasons inspire Rebecca to get up earlier.
  3. How to create balance.
  4. Why it’s so much easier to make commitments to others than ourselves.
  5. Why telling other people about your big goals can inspire commitment.
  6. Overcoming imposter syndrome.
  7. How to cope with bad choices.
  8. How Rebecca uses gratitude.
  9. Mindsets for navigating through fear.
  10. And more!

If you’re ready to kick-start your motivation and unlock the passion to step outside of your comfort zone, this episode is for you. Check it out!

Rebecca Louise