Mark and Crystal Hansen

Mark And Crystal Hansen

Episode 146


Returning To Our Childlike State To Live A More Magical Life

People who ask more questions are perceived to be more likeable.

Can you remember how it felt to have the curiosity of a child? Maybe it was a time when you believed you could be anything. Or a time when endless questions inspired your day.

Unfortunately, ‘life’ buries our desire for more, and before you know it, the questions seize up. Life begins to feel more limited until we’re stuck in the soul-sucking status quo, wondering what happened to all that ‘more’.

This week’s incredible guests believe you can reinvigorate your inherent ability to create more of what you desire.

It’s all possible when you tap into the insane power of ASKING.

Mark Victor Hansen is probably best known as the co-author of the wildly popular Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Mark is also an entrepreneurial marketing maven and a sought-after keynote speaker who’s spoken to 7,000 audiences in 78 countries.

Crystal Dwyer Hansen is a celebrity coach, wellness/nutrition expert, business strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and author who’s an expert in the field of human potential.

Together, Crystal and Mark are the power couple behind the new book Ask! The Bridge From Your Dreams To Your Destiny. It’s an incredible book created to help you access your hidden dreams and bring them into reality.

In this empowering conversation, you can discover more about the power of asking as Mark, Crystal, and I explore:

  1. Why questions are an overlooked superpower.
  2. What is the role of curiosity in fulfillment?
  3. The SEVEN roadblocks that make people scared of living their destiny.
  4. The THREE channels of asking.
  5. Strategies that can unlock the freedom to ask.
  6. The ONE secret for staying happily married.
  7. Where does curiosity come from?
  8. What are the most powerful questions you ask yourself?
  9. And more…

If you’re ready to ask for more and you want to live a life that’s true to your deepest desires, this is one episode you don’t want to miss.

Mark & Crystal Hansen