Chris Plough

Chris Plough

Episode 145


One Man's Story Of Transforming Suicidal Thoughts Into Something Beautiful

I had all of the things and yet, I was at this point where I didn’t want to live.

I believe this is one of the most important episodes of Stay Grounded I’ve ever recorded.

Suicide is a big killer among men my age and there’s a common thread – we don’t know how to talk about depression or feelings of isolation, or how to ask for help and support during dark times.

When I first met Chris Plough, I was deeply moved by his depth of empathy, care, and sensitivity. This is a man who’s experienced suicide from both sides. Not only has he been close to taking his own life – the first time aged just 16 – but he lost both his parents in a homicide-suicide.

In this vulnerable conversation, Chris shares the emotions involved so we can better understand what it feels like to have suicidal tendencies. He also explains the tangible steps we can all take to help someone transform their suicidal thoughts into something beautiful.

Suicide is taboo, and it shouldn’t be. Fortunately, Chris found support from an empathetic friend, which helped to kick-start a journey of compassion and unconditional self-love. Now we can all learn from his experiences – so we’re better positioned to support people who need it… and be there when someone feels alone.

In this beautiful episode, Chris and I explore:

  1. What is self-love?
  2. The role of patience in your self-love journey.
  3. How to be an empathetic listener.
  4. The three isolation creators.
  5. How to share suicidal thoughts to help a listener receive them.
  6. The difference between conditional and unconditional love.
  7. Using self-care to honor yourself and avoid dark places.
  8. What your vulnerability can invite in others.
  9. And more…

Chris is on a mission to ‘Liberate Humanity’. He’s doing this through his work at AdventureX where he creates experiences that provide space and freedom for people. He’s also a sought-after speaker who makes space to be an empathetic witness for people who need it.

Chris Plough