Makhosi Candiss Pitts

Makhosi Candiss Pitts

Episode 142


Shamanic Wisdom On Discovering What You're Supposed To Do With Your Life

I’m trusting my own spirit over my mind and over what anybody else thinks.

Is there a part of you that knows your true path follows a different track to the one you’re walking currently?

Do you have an inner knowing that your life could be different – if only you had the courage to follow the beat of your own drum?

If so, you’re not alone. In this age of transformation and chaos, more and more people are questioning the conventional path through life. More and more people are looking to explore the truth of who they are and authentically express their inner being.

Makhosi Candiss Pitts is an Abundance Activator & Authentic African Shaman who helps seekers create an extraordinary business and life using mindset, mindfulness and metaphysics mastery.

She guides people to develop their intuition and cultivate the courage to trust their personal truth – so they can create limitless abundance, unparalleled freedom and exceptional impact.

And in this powerful episode, she’ll help you do the same…

Makhosi has had an indelible impact on my own spiritual path. If you’re a spiritual seeker who’s ready to go deeper, you’ll love her energy as well as resonate with her own story of transformation and insane personal growth.

In the past, Makhosi walked the traditional path too – until she reached a point where she was no longer willing to compromise her soul desires. In this powerful interview, we explore how you can take the leap and develop the trust you need to be your authentic self.

Here’s a taste of what we explore:

  1. Why do humans crave a sense of sovereignty?
  2. What does it feel like to be a sovereign being?
  3. How do you know when you’re experiencing oneness?
  4. How do you learn to trust your intuition?
  5. How do you know what to trust in the present moment?
  6. What is freedom?
  7. Was there a time when you were afraid of making a big decision?
  8. Makhosi’s journey to becoming a shaman.
  9. And more…

Makhosi Candiss Pitts