Michelle Sorro

Michelle Sorro

Episode 140


Finding The Courage To Drop Everything And Lead From Your Heart

I had fast-growth in my business because I believed that my spirituality is leading the way.

What happens when soul decides the path you’re walking isn’t the one that’s right for you?

When Michelle Sorro attended a Tony Robbins’ Date With Destiny event, it was her intention to take her TV career to the next level. But instead of unlocking clarity on how to evolve her TV segment, soul had different plans. On her knees and heart cracked open, Michelle realized her purpose was something else entirely.

As a result, Michelle switched gears and followed her intuition to become a heart-centred leader on a mission to empower millions to be seen and heard. Today, Michelle teaches coaches, trainers, and experts how to start and scale an authentic, online presence by getting out of their comfort zone so they can create a life of greater fulfilment.

Michelle is also the host of The Fire and Soul podcast, a Top 10 in Self-Development. Her guests have included global game-changers such as Jack Canfield, Panache Desai, Dave Asprey, Danielle LaPorte, Alison Armstrong, Jairek Robbins, Joseph McClendon III, and many more. Michelle is also a published author on the topic of gratitude, she’s meditated with the Dalai Lama, and literally walked on fire!

In this beautiful, heart-led episode, you’ll hear Michelle and I talk about:

  1. What does heart-based leadership mean?
  2. How do you really get out of your comfort zone?
  3. Why perfectionism is another form of procrastination and how the antidote for fear is action.
  4. A simple practice to transmute your feelings and emotions.
  5. A method to discern between fear and desire.
  6. The spiritual importance of sitting with the stillness of your heart
  7. And more!

If you know it’s time to drop the hustle, trust your intuition, and take a more patient path through life, this episode will give you plenty to think about.

Michelle Sorro