Casanova Brooks

Casanova Brooks

Episode 139


Everyone Has A Problem To Solve That Makes The World A Better Place

You have to figure out what is the thing that you want to stand for – and that is your greatness.

When Casanova Brooks was eight-years-old, he and his two best buddies did everything together. They were the ‘three amigos’, which meant it was highly unusual for Casanova to turn down a trip to the beach. That was the day his two best friends drowned.

This experience was the first of three tragic moments in Casanova’s life. The second time, it was he who nearly died, and the third time, it was his mom.

But despite all the pain and tragedy, Casanova has managed to create an extraordinary life in which he thrives. His ‘secret’? Somehow, he was able to transform his rock bottom moments into unstoppable momentum for a better life.

And in this beautiful episode, he shares his methodologies so that you can do the same.

As you’ll hear in this beautiful episode, Casanova Brooks is an incredible human being with an infectious energy that just makes you want to get up and take action! He’s an award-winning entrepreneur, author, high-energy keynote speaker, and real estate professional who’s able to create something from nothing. For example, in his FIRST year in real estate, he won the rookie award after closing 46 deals and $8 million in his first year.

Casanova’s passion is inspiring people to live their DREAM life by design. He does this by empowering others to develop their mindset so they can thrive as the best version of themselves.

In this upbeat, soul-nurturing interview, Casanova shares more about his personal story as well as exploring the following topics:

  1. What does it feel like to fight against rock bottom moments?
  2. How did you find the strength to navigate these times of adversity?
  3. Warren Buffet’s test to know if you’ve been truly successful in life.
  4. What is greatness?
  5. How Casanova’s DREAM acronym guides his life [and what value each letter stands for].
  6. Why humans love a comeback story and why you’re not the only beneficiary of the one you write for yourself.
  7. The catalyst that turned Casanova into an award-winning real estate professional.
  8. The importance of finding your WHY.
  9. The cake analogy of living an incredible life.
  10. And more…

If you want to feel energized and excited about the possibilities for your life, check out this powerful episode now.

Casanova Brooks