Mitra Manesh

Mitra Manesh

Episode 137


Everyday Practices For A More Mindful Life

Mindfulness is being aware and accepting of our present moment experience with curiosity and compassion.

What is the soul?

Why are we afraid of dying?

How can we feel more present, peaceful, and connected to the truth of who we are?

It’s not often you get a chance to discuss questions like these with a mindfulness thought leader with the depth of experience and insight like Mitra Manesh.

Mitra is a UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center Instructor with over 3.5 decades of experience in this area. She also has a private practice where she works with celebrity clients as well as multinational corporations including Merrill Lynch, Hugo Boss, Amazon, and more. Her North Star is making conscious living and working more available and accessible to the global community.

As you know, presence and staying grounded is something I’m passionate about so I couldn’t wait to dive into Mitra’s wisdom. And we went deep – discussing topics we all think about but are secretly afraid to explore.

I absolutely LOVED this conversation. So much of what Mitra said touched me at a soul-level, and I’m sure the same will be true for you.

Tune in now to hear about:

  1. What is the soul?
  2. Mitra’s five-part definition of mindfulness [don’t miss this].
  3. How to work with your ego so it doesn’t hold you back.
  4. Where the ego obtains information to define its identity.
  5. Why a gratitude practice balances out your overthinking, doubting mind.
  6. Why we don’t need to be afraid of death.
  7. How celebrities really feel on Oscar night.
  8. The three child parenting analogy that explains mindfulness perfectly.
  9. How a heart monitor revealed the secret of life to Mitra.
  10. The ‘right’ path to oneness.
  11. And more…

Born in the East and trained in the West, Mitra’s approach blends corporate training with Eastern inner-work practices to help people live, love, and lead more consciously at home and at work.

A meditator since 1985, Mitra has studied extensively with renowned teachers and explored various disciplines including Taoism, TM, and meditation.

On top of all of that, she’s also the host of the Lights On podcast as well as the creator of InnerMap – a mindfulness storytelling and coaching app for ‘anyone, anywhere, at any level’.

I just know you’re going to love bathing yourself in Mitra’s wisdom. Her insights and experiences are going to connect with you on a deep level leaving you feeling empowered, inspired, and excited about how you can live your life in a more mindful way.

Mitra Manesh